WATCH: Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert's Theatrical Outing Goes Viral Amidst Disturbance and Threats

Credit: Lauren Boebert/Instagram

A video featuring Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert at a theater has gone viral across various internet and social media platforms, particularly on Twitter.

Boebert's presence at the Denver performance of the musical Beetlejuice on Sunday created a stir as she was reportedly vaping, causing disturbances, and using her phone in a disruptive manner, leading to multiple complaints from the audience.

Surveillance footage and an incident report obtained by 9News Denver now reveal that Boebert had confrontations with theater staff at the Buell Theater and even made threats to contact the city's mayor in retaliation.

According to the report, without explicitly naming Boebert, staff decided to eject two individuals from the theater after receiving numerous complaints. They subsequently contacted the Denver Police Department for assistance.

Upon being asked to leave, Boebert and her companion initially resisted. The report states, "I told them I would [sic] going to get Denver Police. They said go get them."

After the usher called for police support, the pair eventually left the premises voluntarily. Surveillance footage captured the moment Boebert and her guest were escorted out of the theater.

Despite agreeing to depart, they continued to engage in arguments with the staff, using statements like "do you know who I am," "I am on the board," and "I will be contacting the mayor."

Boebert's identity was later confirmed by two sources who spoke to 9News. She also acknowledged her presence at the theater in a post on X (formerly Twitter) and humorously admitted to "pleading guilty to laughing and singing too loud!" She encouraged others to see Beetlejuice and inquire about its conclusion.

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