Lana Del Rey Sets the Record Straight: No Privileged Past, Teases New Song 'Suburban House'

Credit: Lana Del Rey/Instagram

Lana Del Rey, the Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter, recently set the record straight regarding her upbringing, debunking notions of a privileged background.

Responding to speculations about her wealth, Del Rey disclosed her family's financial struggles during her childhood, countering the misconception that she came from a rich family.

In a recent Instagram post, a fan suggested that growing up rich can be depressing, to which Del Rey responded by stating, "We had absolutely no money. And there ya go. That's a little story the news loved to assign to me.... that was back when they were allowed to just write lies about people."

The 38-year-old artist elaborated on her past, sharing, "I grew up in a mountain town in a little house, and we struggled as much as everybody else in the town of 900, there is no other truth than that."

She emphasized her commitment to honesty, saying, "There are people who are well-known, who grew up rich - I'm not one of them."

Aside from addressing the misconceptions about her background, Lana Del Rey also excited fans with news of her upcoming music. On October 18, she teased her new song, "Suburban House," by sharing a painting of a house on her Instagram page.

She expressed her enthusiasm for the song and mentioned her collaborator, Holly Macve, while hinting at its imminent release.

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