Watch: Travis Barker Teases Fans with Sneak Peeks of Upcoming Album

Credit: Travis Barker/Instagram

Blink-182's very own drummer, Travis Barker, has sent his fans into a frenzy with exclusive sneak peeks of his highly anticipated upcoming album.

Barker, known for his electrifying performances, took to Instagram to share a series of nine tantalizing videos and a picture, showcasing his musical prowess and leaving fans eagerly anticipating what's to come.

These videos, featuring Barker in various outfits, provide a glimpse into the energetic recording sessions, confirming that the production of the album is in full swing.

The musician's loyal followers flooded the comment section with adoration, expressing their love for his artistry. One fan even praised Barker's work, stating, "Some of my finest video work, love ya bro."

Adding to the excitement, Barker's wife, Kourtney Kardashian, who is expecting their first child together, voiced her support in the comments.

She wrote, "Obsessed with you and this album (last two slides)," showcasing her unwavering enthusiasm for her husband's musical endeavors.

In a heartfelt declaration, another fan emphasized the significance of Barker's presence in Blink-182, saying, "Blink-182 is nothing without you, is nothing without Tom and is nothing without Mark, you guys are meant to make music together and make us happy!!! You guys are the fucking best! This album is fucking crazy!!!!."

Moreover, the celebrity couple hinted at a special detail about their growing family. The name of their upcoming bundle of joy has been revealed as Rocky Barker, a choice made by the parents themselves, adding to the anticipation surrounding their expanding family.

Stay tuned for more updates on Travis Barker's electrifying new album as he continues to captivate fans with his musical genius and creative brilliance.

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