Cardi B Declares Independence for the New Year, Unfollows Offset

Credit: Cardi B/Instagram

In a bold move signaling a fresh start for 2024, Grammy-winning artist Cardi B announced her determination to enter the New Year without any "dead weight" holding her back. The declaration came just a day after both she and her husband Offset unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Speaking passionately during an Instagram Live session on Tuesday night, the 31-year-old rapper addressed her followers, sharing insights into her mindset. "Career-wise, financially, and in my personal life, I know where I want to be next year. You gotta rid of dead weight," Cardi B asserted, emphasizing the importance of shedding negativity from her life.

The outspoken artist didn't hold back, identifying specific aspects of "dead weight" as "mentality, procrastination, laziness, and people." She went on to express the challenges of being a Libra, often prioritizing others' feelings and image over her own well-being. However, Cardi B declared, "F*** that," indicating a newfound commitment to putting herself first in the upcoming year.

Boasting an impressive 279.6 million social media followers, Cardi B made it clear that 2024 would be all about her personal growth and well-being.

The social media drama unfolded on Monday when Cardi B and Offset, who is set to turn 32 next week, unfollowed each other on Instagram. Despite this move, both still maintain connections through fan accounts, with Cardi B following five accounts related to Offset and vice versa.

Offset, born Kiari Cephus, hinted at the nature of the separation on his Instastory without directly naming Cardi B. "You know when you just grow out of relationships," the rapper wrote, expressing a fatigue for prioritizing others' feelings. He concluded with a firm statement, "I GOTTA PUT MYSELF FIRST."

As the couple navigates this publicized shift in their relationship dynamics, fans and followers await further developments as Cardi B embraces a year focused on self-growth and independence.

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