Christina Aguilera Unveils Sneak Peek of Las Vegas Residency in Sultry Rehearsal Video

Credit: Christina Aguilera/Instagram

The anticipation is building as Christina Aguilera, the renowned singer at 42, tantalizes fans with a sneak peek rehearsal video for her upcoming Las Vegas residency. Posted on Instagram Wednesday, the video gives a glimpse into what promises to be a spectacular show.

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In the short clip, Aguilera showcases her vocal prowess by performing "Guy What Takes His Time" from the 2010 film Burlesque, co-starring Cher. As the sultry musical number unfolds, viewers are treated to the singer's impressive dance moves and iconic vocal runs, building excitement for the residency.

Dressed in a captivating ensemble, Aguilera dons thigh-high black leather boots, a black jersey shirt-dress, and a black satin baseball cap paired with oversized sunglasses. The artist's charisma and flair are on full display as she marks dance moves and delivers powerful renditions of the song.

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With only 10 days remaining until the show's debut, Aguilera captions the post on Instagram with a simple yet impactful message: "10 days ‘til show day 🎤." Fans can hardly wait to witness the star's electrifying performances during her Las Vegas residency, marking a new chapter in Christina Aguilera's illustrious career.

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