Doja Cat Sets the Record Straight on Alleged Fan Dislike

Credit: Doja Cat/Instagram

In a recent interview with Apple Music's Ebro Darden, Doja Cat addressed the controversy surrounding her alleged disdain for fans, clarifying that her words had been misconstrued.

The 28-year-old artist began by stating, "One thing that I do want to set straight is that you'll never see a direct quote of me saying, 'I hate my fans.' Not once." She emphasized that the notion was a misquote and aimed to clear any misunderstanding that might have arisen.

The controversy surfaced in July when a fan requested Doja to express love for her followers. In response, Doja was quoted as saying, "I don't cuz I don't know y'all," a statement that triggered a wave of reactions among her fan base.

Referring to her fans as Kittenz, the singer faced backlash as some fans took offense and even deleted their fan pages dedicated to the artist. Doja, however, downplayed the situation, asserting, "I never said that, but I do like to play with that as a meme. It's definitely something, and I know the people who get it, get it, and I am fine with that."

Doja Cat acknowledged the existence of the ongoing joke about her relationship with fans but remained unapologetic. "I don't need to explain myself," she said, concluding that if people failed to see the humor in it, it was their perspective. The artist expressed a willingness to let the matter rest and reiterated that she never explicitly stated any dislike for her fan base.

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