Melbourne Influencer Sam Guggenheimer Faces Backlash for Boasting About Avoiding Family Christmas Responsibilities

Credit: Sam Guggenheimer/Instagram

Melbourne-based influencer Sam Guggenheimer stirred up controversy by proudly declaring her lack of involvement in her family's Christmas celebrations. The influencer, known for her presence on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, took to her Instagram Stories during the festive period to share her unconventional approach to the holiday season.

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Guggenheimer, who posted a sultry selfie, captioned it with a blunt admission, saying, "No smiles because I'm the Grinch of Christmas." In another image, she was seen lounging in a bikini top and shorts, accompanied by a caption that read, "The youngest child that sits around at Christmas, you won't ever catch me a part of it. Happy to watch from a distance."

This unapologetic stance on avoiding family responsibilities garnered mixed reactions from her followers, with some expressing amusement and others criticizing her for not embracing the spirit of togetherness during the holidays.

This isn't the first time Guggenheimer has found herself in hot water. In June, the social media personality issued a public apology after a video from her teenage years resurfaced online. The video, originally shared during a private conversation on SnapChat, showed Guggenheimer using a racial slur while ranting at the camera.

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The controversial TikTok star and podcaster faced swift backlash, with the Instagram "snark" account Dutch Minty reposting the video, reigniting the public's memory of the offensive remark. In response, Guggenheimer took to Instagram Stories to issue a grovelling apology, emphasizing personal growth and maturity since the time of the video.

As Guggenheimer's latest antics during Christmas receive both criticism and support, it remains to be seen how this controversy will impact her online presence and influence in the ever-watchful world of social media.

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