Britney Spears Spills the Beans on her Latest Beauty Treatments

Credit: Britney Spears/Instagram

Britney Spears recently spilled some beauty secrets in a now-gone Instagram post.

The pop sensation shared she had a bit of work done on her face along with lightening her hair.

"I haven’t been really good with my self-care… I haven’t done my nails in two months and I did my first ever laser treatment for my face only a week ago. It kinda hurt though… not a fan…" spilled the singer.

Britney admitted, "I always wanted my hair white blonde, and well, I did it and I absolutely hate it…"

"It's way too white blonde, so I'm fixing it tomorrow! It makes me look way younger, which is kinda weird..." shared the singer.

To top it off, Britney added, "It’s actually too white blonde so I’m fixing it tomorrow! I do look waaay younger it kinda creeps me out…"

This update followed Britney's announcement of her name change to Xila.

"Since I changed my name to XILA I actually am having a hard time understanding English," confessed the singer.

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