Doja Cat Responds to Fans Comparing Her Hair to Pubes on Instagram

Credit: Doja Cat/Instagram

Doja Cat and her fans are having a bit of a disagreement once again.

This time, it's about her natural hair.

The singer shared a new picture on Instagram for her single "Masc" featuring her tight, blonde curls.

Some of her followers didn't react well, leaving negative comments comparing her hair to things like sheep, pubes, carpet, and popcorn.

Not liking the negativity, Doja disabled the comments on the post and even went on Instagram Live to address the criticism.

She seemed annoyed and asked her followers to stop with the comparisons, urging everyone to move forward and grow.

She also mentioned she's not their parents and didn't want to say too much.

Some people think the comments were racist, which is definitely not cool.

This isn't the first time Doja has had disagreements with her fans online, but this time, some folks are actually defending her.

Despite the backlash, it seems like she's not losing too many followers over this, showing that her fans are sticking around.

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