Usher's Shirtless Photos and Videos Go Viral After ESSENCE Feature

Credit: ESSENCE/Instagram

Usher is heating up the pages of ESSENCE Magazine's latest issue as their Sexiest Man of the Moment.

Fresh off his electrifying performance at the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show, the R&B icon embraces this title with a sizzling photo shoot.

In the magazine feature, Usher talks candidly about different aspects of his life, from staying fit with yoga to his family and upcoming tour plans.

He reveals that yoga is a key part of his routine, saying, "I make it a practice to wake up every morning at six or seven o’clock, no matter where I am. I have a few places that I go that reserve a back corner for me, where nobody notices. And typically, in these rooms, it’s pretty dark—so you don’t really see who’s there until they turn the lights up, and people realize, ‘Oh, wait a minute, is that who I think it is?’"

Looking ahead in his career, Usher aims to be a role model for the next generation of artists, similar to how Prince and Michael Jackson inspired him. He wants to leave a lasting impact on young performers.

When it comes to family life, Usher shares his daily routine: "I’m cooking breakfast for my babies; I’m changing diapers; I’m reading at bedtime. ‘Seven o’clock on the dot’ has obviously changed into something other than the drop top. For my older boys, I try to help them understand their homework. I don’t get it as much, and I think that is hard for me, honestly. But I do take the time to make them, and make it, a priority, and I do try to understand."

He also talks about his children's individualities, mentioning that his son Cinco prefers his own identity. Usher is preparing for his "Past Present Future" tour and promises to deliver unforgettable shows that fans will cherish.

What keeps Usher inspired at 45? He says, "The opportunity to do something new, to introduce and try and experiment and create yet another experience that no one has had—while actually keeping youth and energy around me, to inspire me—that’s what keeps me young."

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