Watch: Shirtless David Beckham's Dumbbell Pushup Video Goes Viral on Social Media

Credit: David Beckham/Instagram

David Beckham, the retired soccer star known for his toned physique, recently shared a glimpse of his workout routine on Instagram.

Unlike the usual posts from his wife, Victoria Beckham, showing off his looks, this time it was Beckham himself showing off a set of shirtless dumbbell pushups. In a short Reel video, Beckham can be seen grinning at the camera while doing pushups with dumbbells in hand.

He humorously captioned the video "998, 999, 1000," although he only completes five reps in the clip. Using dumbbells for these pushups allows Beckham to have a more neutral hand position and a slightly increased range of motion.

It's a clever twist on a classic exercise. Since retiring from professional soccer, Beckham has maintained his athletic physique and often showcases it in various campaigns, alongside Victoria, for their fashion ventures.

At 48, he's still in great shape, although he admits that his workouts are not as intense as they were during his playing days.

Credit: David Beckham/Instagram

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