Whoopi Goldberg Reflects on 'The View': Says Show Has Become More 'Woke' Over the Years

Credit: Whoopi Goldberg/Instagram

Whoopi Goldberg is feeling nostalgic for the earlier days of 'The View'! Having been part of the show since 2007, she recently reflected on how things have shifted.

During a conversation with Chris Wallace on his show, Whoopi shared that hosting 'The View' used to be different.

Back then, she says, the audience was more forgiving. They didn't jump on the hosts for every little thing they said, assuming the worst intentions.

Credit: The View/Instagram

Whoopi misses the lively debates they used to have. She explained how in the past, the hosts could freely share their opinions without everyone immediately trying to catch them out or twist their words.

Nowadays, it seems like people are more focused on finding fault in the language used rather than understanding the actual message.

She admits that she often finds herself holding back on what she really wants to say, worried about upsetting people.

When Wallace asked if she had specific complaints to air, she jokingly replied that it wouldn't make a difference to speak her mind.

These days, 'The View' hosts are known for speaking up on controversial topics, from politics to pop culture. It seems like Whoopi is suggesting that the show has become more focused on being "woke."

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