Victoria Beckham Devastated by David's Candid Marriage Remarks, Reveals New Book

Credit: David Beckham/Instagram

In a shocking revelation from Tom Bower's upcoming book, The House of Beckham, Victoria Beckham was reportedly left in tears following her husband David Beckham's candid remarks about their marriage.

The former football star had described their relationship as "hard work" during an interview on The Sunday Project in 2018, as detailed by Mirror.

According to Bower, Victoria, who watched the interview on her mobile phone, was deeply upset by David's unexpected comments.

Credit: David Beckham/Instagram

The author described her reaction as akin to "a nuclear bomb had gone off," caught off guard and emotionally devastated by her husband's words.

Following the interview's airing, Victoria reportedly sought solace at a spa hotel in Baden-Baden, where she spent two days trying to emotionally recover from the fallout.

Bower's account paints a picture of Victoria grappling with feelings of betrayal and embarrassment over David's public disclosure.

"Her husband's disloyalty baffled her. His truthfulness had destroyed her efforts to conjure up an image of happy families. Why, she sobbed, would David embarrass her?" Bower wrote, capturing Victoria's anguish in the aftermath of the interview.

The revelations from Bower's book, set to be released on June 20, provide a glimpse into the challenges faced by the power couple in maintaining their public facade amidst personal struggles.

Victoria's emotional response underscores the delicate balance celebrities often navigate between public perception and private reality.

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