David Beckham Sets the Record Straight in Netflix Series: Victoria Beckham's Working-Class Claim Debunked!

Credit: David Beckham/Instagram

In the highly anticipated Netflix docuseries "Beckham," which delves into the life and career of football icon David Beckham, a surprising revelation came to light.

In the series' inaugural episode, David's wife, Victoria Beckham, candidly shared insights about their love story, emphasizing their working-class backgrounds.

However, David Beckham, known for his straightforward demeanor, interjected during Victoria's interview to ensure accuracy.

When Victoria mentioned their working-class upbringing, David questioned the details, prompting Victoria to recall her father's Rolls Royce during the 1980s.

This unexpected correction adds a new layer to their public narrative, offering viewers a glimpse into the couple's genuine dynamic. Stay tuned for more updates on this revealing docuseries exclusively on Netflix.

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