A Video of M Huncho's Alleged True Identity Behind His Mask Leaks Online

M Huncho has been very vocal when it comes to the reasons behind why he wears a mask.

Credit: Courtesy of M Huncho/Instagram

M Huncho, a British rapper, singer, and songwriter from North London, is known for his mask, but Twitter fans recently discovered a video of him without one.

M Huncho takes pride in wearing the mask as part of his identity in all of his videos, cover art, and interviews. He keeps growing in popularity, which makes his fans even more eager to see his face.

For years, the acclaimed rapper has kept his identity a secret, but his secret is no longer safe when Twitter got involved recently. The rapper's fans believe they've found his face after a leaked video surfaced on Twitter without the mask.

Credit: Courtesy of M Huncho/Instagram

The now-deleted clip features a guy who looks like M Huncho in a studio with Dutchavelli, where he wears a classic mask. In the second clip, though, the mask has been removed, and what fans assumed to be M Huncho's face is seen clearly as he bops to the music.

The picture isn't in high quality, nor is it confirmed to be his face, but fans have taken the screenshot and run with it on Twitter.

Meanwhile, in the past, M Huncho has been very vocal when it comes to the reasons behind why he wears a mask. He admitted he likes his privacy and is not overly enamored of many of the things that come with his fame.

The rapper would like to keep his private life private and out of the spotlight, and he has plans to get married and have kids.

In 2017, M Huncho gained attention when he performed a Mad About Bars online freestyle session. That same year he released his first EP "Get Out"; the single "Mediocre" followed, then another EP, "48 Hours" in 2018.

His 2019 debut studio mixtape "Utopia" has been streamed over 77 million times worldwide, and has reached no. 13 on the UK Albums Chart. In January 2020, he released a mixtape called "Huncholini the 1st," which peaked at number 5 in the UK chart.

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