Joke — An Elderly Couple Suffering From Memory Loss

After having problems remembering things for some time, Gretchen and Jerry, who were in their 70s, decided to visit the doctor to have their memory checked.

Physically, they were fine, according to their doctor. Afterward, he proposed that the couple write down things to help them remember.

While watching television that night, Jerry stepped out of his chair. Gretchen asked, "Where will you be going?"

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"I'm gonna have a drink in the kitchen," Jerry replied.

Gretchen asked, "Would you mind getting me a piece of cake?"

"Sure, I'll do that." said the husband.

In a gentle reminder, Gretchen said, "Wouldn't it be helpful if you wrote this down so you won't forget it?"

"No, I'm sure I remember that!" replied Jerry.

When Gretchen also asked for strawberries, she said, "Get a pen and paper because I know you'll forget."

In response, Jerry insisted, "I remember that! "You want strawberries and cake."

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She then said, "I'd also like whipped cream on top. I am sure you will forget that, so you may want to write it down."

Feeling annoyed, Jerry replied, "No need to write it down! My memory is still fresh! Cake with strawberries and whipped cream!"

After that, Jerry began to grumble in the kitchen. After spending about 30 minutes in the kitchen, he returned and gave his wife a plate of bacon and eggs.

Gretchen looked at her plate for a moment and asked, "Where's my toast?"

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