Here's the Primary Reason for the Massive Drop in Jimin's 'Like Crazy' Ranking

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While Jimin's "Like Crazy" set a record on the Hot 100 chart, its fall from the top spot is just a moment in the song's journey. As with all music, its impact and legacy will continue to be felt long after its chart run has ended, and fans will continue to appreciate and enjoy the song for years to come.

BTS's Jimin made waves on the Hot 100 chart with his single "Like Crazy," which debuted at number one, making history in the process. However, the following week saw a massive drop from the top spot, landing at number 45, which marks the largest fall from the top position in the chart's fifty-year history.

This is not the first time a song has plummeted from the top spot, but it is the most significant fall outside the top 40. The record was previously held by Taylor Swift's "Willow," which dropped from number one to number 38 in its second week. However, Jimin's record-breaking fall from the top spot is more than twice as large.

According to Forbes, the primary reason for the massive drop in Jimin's single's ranking appears to be its decline in sales. In its debut week, the song sold 241,000 copies, making it the best-selling song of 2023 in the United States. However, in its second week, "Like Crazy" only sold just under 15,000 copies, paired with low streams and little to no radio play.

While Jimin's record-setting fall may be disappointing, it is important to note that chart performance is not the only indicator of a song's success. Many factors contribute to a song's popularity and longevity, and a single week on the charts does not define a song's worth or impact. Artists like BTS and Jimin have a massive following and dedicated fan base, and their music will continue to be celebrated and enjoyed long after its chart run has ended.

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  1. Please do the research before publishing articles. Like Crazy did not have a decline in sales. Over 100k sales were removed from his total numbers a day before the charts were released for unknown reasons. Up until then he was predicted to remain in the top ten. Fans are demanding an explanation from Billboard but have gotten none thus far.

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