King Charles III Reportedly Plans to Upgrade Princess Charlotte's Royal Title

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According to veteran royal reporter and biographer Robert Jobson's new book, "Our King: Charles III: The Man and The Monarch Revealed," King Charles III is reportedly planning to upgrade Princess Charlotte's royal title to Duchess of Edinburgh, which is one of the most senior royal dukedoms in the Royal Family, Newsweek reported.

As per the author, King Charles III was "thrilled" when Princess Charlotte was born in 2015, and he plans to honor her by granting her the title Duchess of Edinburgh on her wedding day, which is in line with the change in hereditary law. By making Princess Charlotte a duchess in her own right, she would rank equally with her brothers, who are expected to be made dukes on their wedding day.

Background on the Title

The title of Duke of Edinburgh was previously held by Prince Philip, the late husband of Queen Elizabeth II. After his death, the title passed to Prince Charles.

The title was agreed to be passed down to Prince Edward, but King Charles III decided to give it to his brother in honor of his 59th birthday, with a proviso that the title is bestowed for his lifetime only, and that after his death, it would revert to the crown, leaving it available for Princess Charlotte at a future date.

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Potential Future Titles for Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte could also assume the title of Princess Royal, traditionally held by the eldest daughter of the ruling monarch, which denotes senior status within the royal family.

However, there can only be one Princess Royal at any given time, and the title is currently held by Queen Elizabeth's daughter, Princess Anne.

If the title becomes available after Anne's death, it would be for future King William to decide whether to give the title to his daughter.

"Our King: Charles III: The Man and the Monarch Revealed" by Robert Jobson is now available for purchase.

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