BTS' Suga Releases New Comeback 'D-Day' with Music Video for 'Haegeum'

Credit: Suga/Instagram

South Korean rapper and songwriter Suga, from the popular K-pop group BTS, has recently released his latest comeback entitled "D-Day," the third volume in his Agust D series.

Alongside the album, Suga has also released a new music video for the lead track "Haegeum," which features sounds from the traditional Korean instrument of the same name.

The Hip-Hop Inspired "Haegeum" Track

The lead track "Haegeum" showcases Suga's musical artistry with a fusion of traditional Korean sounds and hip-hop genre, aimed to promote the concept of freedom.

The song highlights the restrictions of daily life and society, emphasizing that people who think they are free are in fact weighed down by societal norms.

Accompanying Solo Documentary

Along with the album, Suga's first-ever solo documentary, "SUGA: Road To D-Day," has been released worldwide on Disney+ and Weverse.

The documentary follows the rapper on his trip to several cities and offers a glimpse into his creative process and the making of the album.

Suga made his debut as a solo artist in 2016 under the name Agust D and has released several hit songs, including "Daechwita," "What Do You Think?," and "Interlude: Shadow."

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