Video of Dying Cash App Founder Bob Lee Trying to Get Help Goes Viral

Credit: Bob Lee/Twitter

Cash App founder Bob Lee was brutally stabbed multiple times in the chest while on a business trip in San Francisco’s Rincon Hill neighborhood.

CCTV footage shows the dying Lee attempting to flag down passing cars for help, but to no avail.

He managed to call 911 but ultimately succumbed to his injuries, sparking concern over public safety and homelessness in San Francisco.

The police have yet to determine whether the attack was random or targeted.

Lee, a former San Francisco resident who had relocated to Miami six months earlier, had expressed concern over the city’s rising crime and lack of public safety.

The attack on Lee has drawn attention to San Francisco’s increase in crime and “soft-on-crime” progressive policies.

Friends and colleagues of Lee expressed their shock and heartbreak over his untimely death.

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