Lizzo Mourns the Loss of Beloved Family Dog Pooka at 18

Credit: Lizzo/Instagram

Renowned singer Lizzo took to Instagram to share heartbreaking news with her fans on Christmas Eve, revealing the passing of her cherished family dog, Pooka, at the remarkable age of 18.

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Expressing deep sorrow, Lizzo wrote, "I'm not ok, I'm so heartbroken. RIP Pooka." The About Damn Time artist posted a touching tribute to Pooka, featuring a collection of photographs capturing precious moments throughout their 18-year companionship.

The heartfelt images depicted Lizzo and Pooka sharing smiles, with one poignant snapshot capturing their final moments together in bed. The tribute also included a clay imprint of Pooka's paw print, with the dog's name elegantly etched into the clay. In an earlier post alongside her mother and sister, Lizzo tenderly kissed Pooka, marking a poignant farewell.

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Lizzo captioned the posts, commemorating Pooka's life span from 2005 to 2023, affectionately referring to the late dog as "Pooka Diamanté Jefferson."

Condolences poured in from fans and peers alike, with SZA expressing her honor at having met Pooka. Lizzo's makeup artist also paid respects, and numerous followers shared messages of sympathy.

Despite the somber timing of the family's loss on Christmas Eve, the overwhelming outpouring of support highlighted the profound impact Pooka had as a beloved member of Lizzo's life for 18 years. The artist's commemoration of cherished memories underscored the deep bond she shared with her late canine companion.

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