Story — Young Woman Doesn't Want to Share Inheritance with Her Family

“I was shocked. I didn’t and still don’t know what to do with the money, but I’m going to save it,” she confessed.

A young woman received a large amount of money in inheritance from her grandfather. While it was a shock for her, it also prompted her having clashes with her immediate family.

Writing to Reddit, she shared the story of how she wound up receiving $8 million from her late grandfather.

“I was never close with my grandpa, but I took after his sister who is an RN and he adores her," the young woman explained. "He always told me that he was proud to see me follow in her footsteps."

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According to the Reddit user, her father was just 10 years of age when his father and mother divorced. She described her grandfather as an “old, bitter man” who never remarried.

The old man had sold his business for $1 million. He additionally sold his house, situated on an island, for $3 million.

At the point when he liquidated all of his assets, these amounted to $8 million dollars. He left everything to the Reddit user.

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“I was shocked. I didn’t and still don’t know what to do with the money, but I’m going to save it,” she confessed.

Her father, stepmother, and two siblings have been bogging her to share the inheritance with them. However, she wouldn't like to do as such. 

The young woman said her father is a drunkard who had been dissatisfied with her grandfather, despite the fact that he bought him a $300,000 house. Her brother, in like manner, is wasteful of money and had also been oblivious to their grandfather.

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The only person she is thinking about giving some of the money is her sister. She offered to pay for her college. The rest of her family threatened to cut her off if she didn’t split the money with them. At a certain point, cops showed up at her house because her father accused her of taking cash from him. 

The young woman earned support from other Reddit users. One user said that she should purchase a house far away, pay for her sister’s college, and save the rest of the money.

Another advised that she should converse with a financial advisor and a legal advisor to make sure that the money she will share with her sister won't be used by her father and stepmother.

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