Story — The Battered Wife

One night, after a particularly brutal beating, Rose knew she had to get out.

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Rose sat huddled on the couch, staring blankly at the TV as the sound of her husband's angry shouts echoed through the house. She knew what was coming next and she braced herself for the impact of his fist against her face.

For years, Rose had been trapped in an abusive marriage. Her husband, Ryan, was a controlling and violent man who regularly subjected her to physical and emotional abuse. She had tried to leave him many times, but he always found a way to convince her to stay.

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One night, after a particularly brutal beating, Rose knew she had to get out. She packed a small bag and fled the house, unsure of where she was going but knowing she had to find help.

She wandered the streets for hours, until she came across a women's shelter. The kind staff there took her in and offered her the support she needed to start a new life.

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With their help, Rose was able to leave her husband and obtain a restraining order against him. She began attending therapy and rebuilding her life, finding strength in herself that she never knew she had.

Years later, Rose looked back on her time in the shelter with gratitude. It was there that she learned to love and trust herself again, and to never let anyone else control her life. She was finally free.

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