Blac Chyna Reveals Health Complications Following Breast Implant Reduction Surgery

Credit: Blac Chyna/Instagram

Former "The Real Blac Chyna" series regular, Blac Chyna, recently opened up about the challenges she faced after undergoing breast implant reduction surgery. The 35-year-old socialite, whose real name is Angela Renee White, shared details of her experience in a video posted on Instagram on Sunday, December 31.

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In the video, Chyna explained her decision, stating, "I wanna take out my boobs. I'm over it. I'm kinda tired of the fake look; they're too big for my body, too big for my frame, and it just doesn't fit me as a person anymore." She detailed her journey from 585cc to 385cc, revealing that one of her breasts became encapsulated, causing significant pain.

Addressing the complications, Chyna noted, "My left breast was encapsulated where the muscle had contracted around the implant." Despite being aware of potential risks, she expressed surprise as it had never happened in her previous surgeries.

Undeterred, Chyna underwent further surgery on December 21st, opting for 190cc implants. Explaining the necessity, she shared, "My doctor told me that I needed some type of implant because if I don't, basically, my boobs are just gonna be mush."

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Acknowledging the financial and ongoing commitment of such procedures, she remarked, "These surgeries are so expensive and it's something that you really have to keep up keeping. And I'm just like, 'Ugh.'"

Despite the challenges, the reality star expressed her excitement and happiness, stating, "All in all, though, I'm very very happy. I'm excited because I'm finally part of the Itty Bitty Tittie Committee."

Blac Chyna's candid revelation sheds light on the complexities and potential complications associated with cosmetic surgery, highlighting the importance of informed decision-making and careful consideration of the risks involved.

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